ride and a memory

Calories burned: 373.7
trip miles: 10.67
ave mph: 21.34

Another record breaker today.

Man and wife eating supper and the wife says--Today I had to file a workplace violence report. My nose was assaulted by a co-worker's perfume.
I saw this comic back in October and boy did it bring back a memory. In January 1988, I started the second job on my resume. I was hired on by the local KMart. It was my first full-time job and I was excited to be there. Just about everyone in my section of the store was really nice and most of us got along well. Of course, quite a few of us had our individual ummm quirks. At the time, the fitting rooms were separated, mens in the boys department and the womens in the lingerie department. Also at that time, the work tables wasnt an island out in the open with the customers but enclosed with the fittingrooms. Needless to say, it was rather tight quarters and could get quite warm back there at times. When it's overly warm, one tends to perspire somewhat. It's one of the reasons I dont ever wear perfume of any kind at a job. The most you'll find me using is a baby powder scented deodorant if I have to work. I really wish everyone would do the same to be honest. There was this one slightly older lady (mind you I was 18 at the time and the woman in question was roughly in her 50's at least) that I swear lost her sense of smell. This woman insisting on marinating in whatever it was that she'd spritz on daily. Worse yet, she'd marinate again at lunch so there must have been a gallon of the stuff on her....and she wondered why I never wanted to work in the stockroom with her. Everytime we had to work together, I'd ask her if she'd rather do the "run-backs" (putting the discarded try-ons and the returns back to the floor) OR if she'd like to stay with the fittingroom and make new tickets for the items that needed them. On nights that her feet hurt, I did run-back and nights that she was full of energy she did them. Personally, I preferred being in the fitting room reticketing and hanging stuff. Either way, working near her could be impossible because the scent alone was enough to give me a headache. Maybe I should have filed a workplace violence report?


ChicagoLady said...

There's one lady who works in another office on our floor. Each floor has a bathroom with five stalls in it, and I can always tell when she's been in there recently or has just come in. I don't know if it's body odor, or perfume, or a combo of both, but it's ghastly. Glad I don't have to work with her.

A lady I do work with, one day I was sitting at my desk, and I had this strongest perfumy smell, that was making me gag, it was so bad. Not knowing where it was coming from, I asked if anyone else was smelling anything. All said no. I walked around our dept a couple times and determined it was this lady. I pulled my boss into another room and broached the subject with him, since I didn't want to start a war in the dept, and I didn't even know what it was that was bothering me so much. Turned out, it was some lotion that she was using. As soon as she let me smell it, I knew that was the culprit. I never knew lotion could be so strong smelling, I guess it was some aromatherapy stuff. Needless to say, she tossed the stuff to be polite (she found it at home and was just trying to use it up).

I still occasionally get a whiff of something when someone walks by with a really strong scent on. Why people feel the need to bathe in the stuff I don't know.

Intense Guy said...

I better get my passport ready.

LadyStyx meet Lance Armstrong - he's going to be your pacer in the next Tour De France.

I've not been "assaulted" by perfume or scented ladies lately - the office doesn't get many visiters. I recall a place I used to work where I had an office and sat about 10 feet from the door and each morning someone would walk by that smelled heavenly...it was like a shot of Oust. But then at noon, the ethnic food gang across the way would nuke their lunches... gag!!

LadyStyx said...

Oh eew yuck Chicago!

LOL @ iggy. Oh eew on yours too!

Deanna said...

We had a lady in our office who was a hypochondriac (sp?) She was always coming up with some new ailment and taking off sick. Now I know some people have very real alergies to perfumes (my mom was one). But this lady took it to the extreme and insisted we provide her a work space away from everyone and she wore a mask when she left her office. She tried to tell one guy that she could always tell when he was around because of his strong cologne. He didn't wear cologne! The clincher was one day when she called in sick because someone had worn cologne the day before (I'm serious!), I ran into her in Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby of all places!!! Is there anyplace with more scented candles and stuff? Anyway, that is my memory.

AliceKay said...

I get headaches when I smell strong perfumes or colognes. I have a few women who come into the office wearing very strong stuff, and as soon as they leave, I open up the front door to air it out. (one advantage to the office I'm in) Hey, I even get a few men at my desk who must use some very strong aftershave or cologne, and I've aired the office out after they leave, too. Most of my customers smell like the barn, tho...so not sure what smell is the worst. LOL

We have one bathroom at the mill with one toilet, and it's right there at the end of the office just before you get to the porch door. Sometimes the exhaust fan just does NOT do it's job properly. :\ I want to run outside when some of those guys leave that place, but I can't...I'm tied to the desk with the phone ringing and customers walking thru the door...the door that opens near the bathroom, if you get my drift. :\

I normally don't wear cologne or perfume and use only unscented antiperspirant. My nose is very sensitive so I stay away from the stuff.


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