Seen on a main road somewhere in Virginia...

pick-up truck with much more than a handful of OCHAs partying in the back
OCHA #2: Step on it will ya?
OCHA #4: Im driving as fast as I can man!
OCHA #3: Sheesh we're gonna be late!
OCHA #4: No we aint, that's why we started out tonight. Besides we had to beat all the voter traffic.
OCHA #1: That reminds me, are we going to have time to vote ?
OCHA #5: With the way #4's driving?
OCHA #4: Hey now! I can stop and let you out right here ya know.
OCHA #2: We should make it with a few minutes to spare, once this traffic lightens we'll make great time. Besides you know how much #4 loves his sugar-free orange jell-o with the fat free whipped topping on it. He wont wanna miss that.
OCHA #4: All I can say is that squirrel better not eat it all before we get there. If he does, Im gonna nip his nuts.
OCHA #5: Hey...did someone remember the directions?
OCHA #1: Yeah, they're right here. But I think messed up again.
OCHA #3: Hang on, I'll double check on my laptop
OCHA #3: Oh man, the squirrel's already there!
OCHA #2: How do you know?
OCHA #3: Because that cheeky little bugger's picture is already up on the celebration pix at
OCHA #4: That's it, his nuts are as good as nipped!
OCHA #1: Ummm, #4 are you sure you're headed NORTH to Norristown, Pa? I could swear that sign just said Atlanta.....
OCHA #3: Oh hell. Now we really ARE gonna be late!!

happybirstday myspace comments
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Happy Birthday iggy! Have a most beautiful day !!!


Toriz said...

Great post, Styxie! LOL!

Happy birthday Iggy!

AliceKay said...

That was really cute, Styxie. LOL. Happy Birthday, Iggy!

Intense Guy said...


That poor OCHA #4 is sooooo clueless. :)

Thank you LadyStyx! My day has turned out really special.

Thank you all.

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO! I love the finishing touches you put on it! Absolutely hilarious!

Deanna said...

lmao styxie - that was too funny!

LadyStyx said...

Thank you thank you thank you. It was a real brain stretcher to make sure it was funny and not plumb stupid. Yew iggy. Glad you had a nice day.


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