new tension, feeling good, Christmas wishes

Tension increased to level 2
Calories burned: 319.4
trip miles: 9.12
Average mph: 18.24

A nice modest beginning if I do say so myself. That half step up I really felt though for the first few miles. The bad knee complained a bit more than usual, the arches and another muscle located elsewhere on my body took to grumbling some but no more than they did the first several days of riding so they should be fine in a bit.

Before I started riding, moving around was extremely uncomfortable. Just a short walk in WalMart was enough to make the bad knee attempt to go out on me, the sciatic nerve would pinch up, my ankles and feet would complain (loudly) and the small of my back would bother me. Actually, just getting up and doing household chores would get all that to flare up. I've noticed in just the two short weeks or so that I've been biking that none of that is quite as bad. The knee hasnt given out not once although it grinds some still...especially while pedalling or taking the stairs. The sciatic nerve hasnt flared up and neither has the's all a bit tight after riding but after it feels fine. Neither act up while Im out shopping and I find Im not leaning on the shopping cart as much (if at all). All in all, Im feeling pretty damned good considering Im twice the weight I really should be. Im really not missing the sweets as much as I thought I would.... Oh my, maybe I shoulda warned a couple of you to sit down before I said that....Im sorry, my bad. Dont get me wrong, I miss them..just not as bad as I *thought* I would.

So...what else ya'll wanna talk about? Let's see...we've had entries on wishes and being thankful. Oh how about Christmas? Dont's only a few weeks ago and any good shopper either has it done or is out getting odds and ends now. So today's questions are:

What item(s) are topping your wishlist for Christmas?

Now...unlike the wishes meme, this is your chance to go ahead and get materialistic. What would make you squeal like a little kid if you found it (them) under your tree this year?

Which of the items you are pretty sure will arrive there and which one(s) are just a pipedream?

Topping my list are:
01) A Bamboo by Wacom. Ohhh that would make me ~SQWEE!~ in a way that only a Bo Bice or David Cook cd could (oh forget the cd...gimme the dude in the flesh!!). Considering how much I like making banners and such, this would be a good investment too. Im pretty sure this one is going to arrive this year....even if I have to get it myself with the money that gets sent from his folks.

02) A new digital camera. Not sure which one I'd like to have. I do know it's gotta be better quality than the one I have now with a higher pixel count and better zoom. It's gotta fire up faster too BUT it still needs to be very easy to use. Im almost certain this will arrive but if it comes down between this and number 1....wel number 1 better be the one that shows up!

03) A Bowflex gym. Ok, considering the lack of space Im going to say this is a no...nevermind the cost of it which makes it a pipedream. Oh but it would be so nice to have one to add on to my exercise routine!

Ok...your turn!


Intense Guy said...

Wow. You could use the Watcom to decorate your Bowflex (with built in DVD player) to match the stationary bike colors...

I'm going to get my only real Christmas wish this year - for the first time in a long while, my older brother and his family will be coming to town to join us (me, my folks, grandparents, younger brother and his family) It will be like old times.

ChicagoLady said...

Nice wishes, Styxie. I had to think and think, and all I got were these two. One Iggy helped me with.

1) A new couch and a recliner (to replace my couch, loveseat and chair w/ottoman)

2) A BB gun to shoot out the lights of my neighbors (and maybe them, but you didn't hear me say that)

Toriz said...

Glad the bike riding is going so well.

Hey, you're going to have to do the virtual rider thing... Like Iggy's vertual walker. ;)

What do I want for Christmas? *Shrugs* To be honest, I'm not sure!

*Takes some time to think about it*

*Shaking head* Nope, I really can't think of anything I want.


Intense Guy said...

*Eyes get really, really big... thinking, could I... might I even dream about getting a new Sofa?*

AliceKay said...

I love Chicagolady's second wish. (want to borrow my BB gun?) LOL

Aww, Iggy.....hugs.

I think my computer is dying, so a nice new computer, complete with Windows XP and everything I know how to use already installed on it...including all of my music, would be nice. (major pipedream there)

A when Karla and I drive to Texas, we won't get lost. LOL (and I'm sure it would come in handy when Terri and I drive back home)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the follow! And I knew I'd seen you somewhere (that would be over at Intense Guy's place).

Hmm, as for what I'd want Santa to bring me... I'd have to say a new phone that gets at least a couple bars in this dumb apartment!


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