Man I need to get one of these!

I wonder if it can be modified for what I need.
Have to admit, it'd be a whole lot less messy than the hot oil that had been suggested.....


The Wife O Riley said...

LOVE this cartoon!! I NEVER answer my door.

Thanks for stopping by and I really look forward to your biggest quirk. :)

Intense Guy said...

Now there is a great idea.

Hmmm... being a software kind of guy, I would think they should make it programmable - zap whoever/whatever ya want from Jehovah Witnesses to Verizon Salepeople.

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO! One of the nice things about living in an apt, you don't get door-to-door visitors.

Deanna said...

Lmao - GOOD ONE!

Intense Guy said...

I meant to tell ya, yesterday while sitting in the office alone in the dark, half asleep I heard this insistent knock knock knock finally penetrated my head that someone was at the door - so I answer it and guess what?

They actually told me to mind the crack. Coutesy of EESF.

I told 'em if they didn't leave quickly my boot would be in their crack.


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