Christmas decor

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Ok...I got the one decoration that I plan on putting up this year up....yeah...I've hit another "Bahhumbug" type of year. Maybe it'll clear up in a week or so? On the other hand, since we wont be home for Christmas, there doesnt seem to be any need to decorate...

By Black Friday these were seen already:

Who the HELL buys a FRESH CUT tree at this time of year and truly expects it to be even halfway decent looking when Christmas week shows up?? Personally, the lots shouldnt even bother setting up until 2 weeks before Christmas....what a waste of trees....


The Wife O Riley said...

I am Bah Humbugging it this year as well. I hate decorating for Christmas. My mother is a Christmas Nazi and calls me everyday to see if my tree is up yet.

Toriz said...

I'm one of those who absolutely LOVES the Christmas decorations. However, I'm also of the opinion that if others don't want to decorate then they don't have to.

I'm with you 100% on the tree thing though... All those early trees are just going to go to waste and end up in the chipper. *Sigh* If they'd just wait a couple more weeks then they could avoid that.

Intense Guy said...

The wreath by the door looks really nice - simple yet sophisticated.

I saw some christmas trees heading home the day before Thanksgiving and thought, "well that's truly nuts" and I was going to take a picture but figured noone would believe me.

I too, won't be be at my house for Christmas - so I won't decorate any either.

ChicagoLady said...

Your decorations are overwhelming! LOL

I saw one tree being carted home on top of a van yesterday. I too thought "what a shame, that tree will be dead before Christmas ever gets here."

My decorations will be minimal again this year, as I too will not be home for Christmas. And with working all day, I am only able to enjoy them for a few hours each day. Too much work for very little enjoyment.

I am considering starting a sorting project, but then I think about the shopping and wrapping to be done, and think when will I have time to sort through my old decorations???

AliceKay said...

A lot of trees have been cut for the lots so whether you buy one now or wait until later, it'll be in the same condition. Only other option when having a real tree is to cut it yourself...either at a tree farm, or from your own property, if you're lucky enough to own land with nice spruce or fir trees.

We used to do that when I was a kid. Go to my grandparents' farm and cut a tree. I've had a real tree only once or twice since I've been married, and that's only because Karen wanted a real one.

Deanna said...

I used to not understand those who don't decorate, but dang I am so tempted this year not to. But I know I'll go all out like I usually do. Those fresh trees this early in the season is truly crazy.

Kim Gail said...

Too love Christmas decoration.... & have got my Christmas tree through Hammacher Schlemmer.


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