Got the blues

Calories burned: 392.8
trip miles: 11.22
ave mph: 22.44

Third best ride to date. Chart update in 2 days time.

I was going to write an entry tonight, but sadly I simply dont have it in me. There are about 18 entries that I need to read but Im not sure I'll make it through them all today. I'd really rather be in bed right now. My SCSis called me earlier tonight and told me that her husband left her yesterday and demanded a divorce....they've been married 6 years..... *sigh*


ChicagoLady said...


Intense Guy said...


Toriz said...


Deanna said...

I'll go with the rest... *Hugs*

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about your SCSis's situation. *sends a hug too*


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