biking, back, shot, pix promises, CD!!!,

Calories burned: 348.8
trip miles: 9.96
ave mph: 19.92

Back is slightly better and the one pain that prompted me to slow down yesterday was not present (and NO Marmie, it wasnt cuz I was bouncing on the mattress with me man under another story! LOL). Legs just didnt want to go today but then we were out walking some today as well.

Graduated to the new vial for my shot today. Even with a full belly Im having a more than usual reaction. With any luck, it wont last more than 24 hours...

Got some pix to share but Im too tired to deal with the camera right now. I'll get them loaded to the puter tomorrow. I got a plate on "film" today. Didnt have the camera at hand for another...*sigh*. The one not captured on "film" said USPEEDUP. I guess the driver's prone to tailgating (and I aint talkin beer and BBQ in his pickup at a ball game...). The one I DID get on film Im going to share with that other site....I hope it's funny enough.

Got my Cookie today. Gonna get the cd ripped tomorrow to my computer. ~grinz widely~ Also bought a pretty wreath to replace the spring one that was beside my door (I took that down a couple weeks ago because it was just too cold out for it to make any sense in being there). I'll take a picture when I get it put up which wont be until after Thanksgiving. We also got the Christmas cards for this year, mostly because neither wanted to dig them out of the storage unit. All I have to do now is get the ones for family (parents, grandparents, etc), get them filled out and ready to send the first week of December (I hope I have all the addies I need...prolly not though...maybe I'll hear from the others via email before then).

Well the snow showers that they were promising us? It was a tease for sure. There was just enough in the air to see there was precip coming down BUT not enough to stick or show up on my camera for a video...*poutz*


ChicagoLady said...


I'm glad your back is feeling better. You might have just strained it when vacuuming, and need to rest it for a couple days.

Keeping my fingers crossed your reaction goes away quickly, especially since you ate beforehand.

Sorry you didn't get any snow. Is it cold enough there yet? If not, I can send you some cold, we got plenty of that, lol.

Maki said...

Are you excited about David Cook's album or what???

BTW, I was dancing away to your music (Madonna's Holiday) just now :: Great music choice!!

Kaylee said...


Intense Guy said...

You are silly...what the heck would you be doing bouncing under a mattress??

Hope the lumpy lump goes bye bye quickly.

You going to count down to another CD now? :) Is "Cookie's" CD all you hoped it would be?

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you feel better soon!! I wish I could send you some cake but The Bella ate it all, lol!

Toriz said...

Glad your back is doing better... Hope the lump from the shot goes down quickly.

Is the CD as good as you hoped?

My Mam is helping me get Christmas cards (at least the ones that need to be posted abroad) written on the weekend. We're probably going to leave the ones for this side of the pond until at least mid week next week though.

I know I have some addresses I need to collect up... Speaking of which... If you don't mind me having yours, can you e-mail me at jotter 16 at hotmail dot com? Thanks! :)

Deanna said...

WoooooHoooo she's back on the bike! Let me know how you like David's album. He's a good ol' Missouri boy ya know. Glad you are feeling better, even if the shot is giving you fits.

AliceKay said...

I'm trying to catch up on blogs. I saved yours for a time when I could sit here and read without interruption.

I'm with the others...hope your back is getting better and your reaction to your shot was shortlived. (off to your next post now)


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