just a quick blurbit

Calories burned: 278.2
trip miles: 7.94
ave mph: 15.88

Ok...so THIS was the leisurely ride...LOL. To be honest, I had a last minute appointment today at 530pm (it was time to cover up the metallic highlights again) and considering that it's getting chillier here, knew I wouldnt have time to shower after my pedaling trip so I didnt want to get too terribly sweaty before going (quirk #15, I let my hair dry naturally so I dont own a hairdryer). I also knew that it was going to be after 8pm before coming home and I wasnt likely to want to pedal when I got home. I figure since I pedal every single day and dont have a day off (it's been over 20 days folks!) that one day of a slower pace wasnt going to kill me so long as I dont make it a habit. Just means I better be up to pace tomorrow!


ChicagoLady said...

I agree! One day taking it a little easy isn't going to hurt. The important thing is that you DID ride today.

Intense Guy said...

Aahh. A ride slow enough to take your time to enjoy the scent of the roses.

And to think, the bike probably needed a rest too - given so many of them might get used for a couple times and stuffed in a closet for the rest of their lives...

You gonna get Hubby a bike?

LadyStyx said...

That's correct Chicago.

01) It's a recumbent bike so it's not gonna FIT in a closet anyhow. But it would manage to go to storage or possibly sold...
02) The seat's adjustable so there's no need for a second bike, he's just too lazy to adjust it out and then back again.
03) At nearly $200, we're not about to buy another one until the top of the year after taxes, but since we're in a state that charges state taxes now, I tend to doubt we'll get as much back as we're used to.
04) There isnt room for another one anyhow (unless we eliminate the dining room but since we're getting company in Spring ...not once but twice...it's going to be needed)
05) I tend to doubt he'd use one if we bought it...he hasnt made the attempt but once to use this one. Now if he had and then said, "ya know, maybe we should get another to solve this problem"...that would be another matter....

So no, I do not forsee another bike. Now if we had the room and extra money, Im sure some other piece of equiptment would come home.


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